Friday, September 30, 2011

Licking the Week 3 wounds

Standing on top of my soapbox…

I want to start this week’s blog by thanking the fine folks who bring us “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Curb your Enthusiasm” for helping me ooze my frustration and sorrow from last’s weeks picks.  This past week has been increasingly frustrating with certain events so before I give you the picks, I need to vent.  This will help me put my emotions to the side and ultimately give you the advice needed to be victorious this week.  Feel my pain for minute, readers…

West Hollywood Parking Bureau- SHAME ON YOU!!  After attending a show at the Roxy this week with my buddy, Ef, we walked over to his car only to find a parking ticket on his windshield.  We were both befuddled as to why a ticket was on his windshield.  There was plenty of time on the meter so it couldn’t have been be an expired meter. So what could it be?  According to your parking laws, anytime a car is parked uphill or downhill, your acenide law states that the car's wheels have to be turned to the curb. WTF??  A law for this?!  You gave Ef a $20 parking ticket for not turning the car's wheels to the curb! Are you that hard-up for cash?  You got to be kidding me!  Courtney, beware of the WeHo Parking Bureau!

2011 Boston Red Sox- SHAME ON YOU!!  You gave up a 7 game lead in September and folded worse than the 1993 Houston Oilers against Buffalo .  Where was the heart?!  Where was the accountability for each loss in September?  Where was the leader in the clubhouse who should have put a stop to the downslide?  I've had my heart broken by you guys before but not like this.  The Aaron Boone HR in 2003 was horrific but at least those guys showed up and competed.  I'll remember Wednesday night's game as the end of an era.  Big Papi's 3-foot knubbler with runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs personified the season.  They had all the talent and ability in the world and they produced this!  The end is inevitable as Francona will be the ultimate scapegoat and will be let go, which is unfortunate.  Thanks, Terry , for an amazing run!  It wasn’t your fault!

Bank of America- SHAME ON YOU!!  Starting next year, you'll be charging me $5 a month for using my debit card!! You're actually taxing me for spending my own money.  We fought for our freedom against the Brits for this reason.  Readers, do you realize how much money this is gonna make BofA? Oh yeah, did I mention that BofA also plans to lay-off 30,000 employees next year? 

Now that I’ve gotten this out of my chest, let's go to Week 4's pick.  Remember that these are from Wednesday's

Last week: 3-5
Overall: 9-11

DETROIT VS DALLAS (-1) : Hey, who’s that with a breakfast burrito and mimosa in hand? That’s me!  Welcome to the Detroit bandwagon!  Don’t let your friends tease you (hell, my friends tease me all the time) for being a bandwagon fan of the Lions.  Know this-the Lions make money for you; that’s all that matters baby!  They visit Dallas who couldn’t seem to find the end zone against Washington last week.  I love Romo’s tenacity, maturity, and courage while playing injured.  Dallas’ WR’s are injured so Romo’s options against a formidable defense are slim.  On the other hand, Detroit’s offense is running on all cylinders especially when Stafford throws it in Calvin Johnson’s general vicinity.  I don’t expect the Lions to play from behind like last week so give me those points ‘cause I love the Lions this week.  Note: To my colleagues who are Dallas fans, should Dallas win, you have every right to bash on me all week. TSS PICKS: DETROIT

SAN FRANCISCO at PHILADELPHIA (-6.5): Yes, those shrieking sounds were of me singing the fight song on Sunday but it was a solemn note.  Philly, do yourself a favor and throw the ball to DeSean Jackson!! Throughout Jackson’s career in Philly, the Eagles are 19-2 when he scores a TD.  When he doesn’t score the Eagles are a .500 team (17-17-1).  What does that tell you?  Jackson needs to be more involved in the offense.   I love the Niners planning for this.  After playing at Cincinnati the week before, they decided to stay in Youngstown, Ohio instead of heading back home.  They should not feel the ill-effects of traveling this week.  Had Vick not bitched (trust me as an Eagles fan, he bitched) about getting hit, I would have taken the Niners but that’s not the case.  The referees are going to be quick to call a penalty on the Niners should any of them touch Vick.  This will give him more time and flexibility to (crossing my fingers) throw the ball to Jackson.  TSS PICKS: PHILADELPHIA

TENNESSEE at CLEVELAND (-1):  The Paul Giamatti’s (Tennessee) lost their best WR in Kenny Britt last week.  La Raza is waiting for Chris Johnson to finally play to the level we’ve seen from him in prior years while that wily veteran, Matt Hasselbeck, knows how to control the game and Tennessee boasts the #1 Defense in the NFL, according to trusted source.  That spells doom for Colt McCoy and the rest of Browns.  This is another classic Gus Johnson game had he announced NFL games this year.  Come back, Gus! Only you can make an ugly game exciting!  TSS’ UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK: TENNESSEE

NEW ENGLAND (-4.5) at OAKLAND: I really want to take Oakland in this game.  Their running game is unstoppable and should easily run through the Patriots’ D.  Jason Campbell (aka Daryl from Coming to America) is doing enough to win games for Oakland.  Realistically, the Raiders should have a 3-0 record.  In Vegas, they’re undefeated as they have beaten the spread all year.  All signs point to taking Oakland BUT I’ve found this interesting nugget for you.  Since the 2009 campaign, New England has beaten their opponents by an average of 17 points after losing the week before.  I used the 2009 campaign because that was the year Bellichick went for it on 4th and 2 inside their own 30 against Indianapolis.  The signs were there that the New England D is not was what it used to be.  New England best defense is its offense.  I want to take Oakland but I can’t go against the numbers.  New England doesn’t lose back-to-back and they win handsomely after a loss.  TSS PICKS: NEW ENGLAND

In closing, I thank you for allowing me to vent my week’s frustrations in this piece.  I encourage you to support local music.  As earlier mentioned, I was at the Roxy on Tuesday listening to a fresh new band named, Mr. Downstairs.   They’re led by 2 energetic female singers who do a dance-worthy rendition of R. Kelly’s, Ignition.  It has the making of a great summer or BBQ song. Check out their Facebook page:  I’d like to wish  my Jewish brethren (Goldenberg- October’s NJG, Everakes, Rambach and Mrs. Mendoza) best wishes for this upcoming year, “L’Shanah Tovah”.

Stepping down from my soapbox…

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