Friday, September 16, 2011

Picks with a side of Hope

Picks with a side of Hope

Standing on top of my soapbox...

What a great way to start the NFL season! Week 1 had many highlights (The Man throwing for over 500 yards!!!), high scoring games (NO vs. GB), but most importantly, Week 1 brought hope to past bottom-dwelling teams.  My ugly ducklings of last year, who beat the spread or covered in 13 of their 16 games last year, the Detroit Lions, showed that they will be a force to be reckoned with in the NFC North.  The Redskins beat the injury-riddled Giants and have given hope to their fans. Though the Panthers lost, Cam Newton has also given new life to a dreadful Panthers team.

As I spent Week 1 watching the early games with a breakfast burrito in one hand and a mimosa in the other, I noticed that certain teams will give me hope for this season.  By hope, I am referring to the possibility of a team or two being my ugly duckling(s) for this season.  By ugly duckling I mean, on-the-cusp teams that will cover or beat the spread on a regular basis and the following year, they’ll be everyone’s bandwagon team.  I don't want to name teams just yet, but know the seed has been planted (If you read the blog, you'll realize who’ll be my ugly ducklings for this year). 

Due to contract restrictions, I can only post 4 games on even-numbered weeks.  These picks won't be sexy or bold, but they will be lucrative for you.  If you want sexy and bold, check out Natalie Portman in Closer .  Don't you worry; the odd-numbered weeks will carry the standard 8 games.  I hope my advice helped you in Week 1.  Yours truly went 5-3; a good start to the season.  Now on to Week 2 picks.  Please note this is Wednesday's line from 

Oakland at Buffalo (-3.5) - Last week's, TSS' Lock of the Week didn't disappoint.  The Bills destroyed the Chiefs in Kansas City and showed hints of promise.  I love Sunday's game for many reasons.  First, West Coast teams that travel East traditionally do not fare well in the early games.  Though professionals, they're also human and are creatures of habit just like me.  During the week, I can be a crabby fellow.  It's not until I have my peanut butter and banana sandwich and a cup of coffee that I can fully function for society's sake.  Athletes are the same way.  They require their own time in the morning.  Unfortunately for the Raiders, they will have to adjust to the time difference AND having played a Monday night game will take its toll as well.  The Bills are riding high on the arm of Ivy League scholar, Ryan Fitzpatrick.  By the way, a golden rule in life should be to have at least one Ivy League graduate as a friend.  I’m fortunate to have a couple of Ivy League graduates as friends.  I like the Bills to cover in this game.  Happy belated Birthday, Dan aka The Heebs, but I don't see your Raiders winning let alone beating the spread.  TSS PICKS: BUFFALO

Kansas City at Detroit (-9) -  In Week 1, my ugly ducklings of 2010 started where they left off last year.  They beat the spread by beating Josh Freeman and the Bucs, the other ugly duckling of 2010.  Their home opener is against the Chiefs, who looked lifeless at home.  I see the Chiefs as the whipping boy of 2011.  Like the Panthers and Bengals of a year ago, you almost always want to bet against the Chiefs every time this year, regardless of the line.  Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, will play, despite an ankle injury.  I'm worried about Matt Cassel in this one.  Can you imagine if Suh gets a hold of him?  No bueno!  If the Chiefs couldn't hang with the Bills and their offensive power, there's no chance of them hanging around in this game.  This is TSS' Lock of the Week. TSS PICKS: DETROIT 

Arizona at Washington (-4) - I was a walking contradiction last week with Washington.  I took them to beat the spread but I didn't think they'd beat the Giants straight up.  The head shaking started early when nimble-footed Eli Manning scampered into the end zone.  This was the lone highlight for my buddy, Kara, because at the end of the day her G-Men let her down.  Kara, your Giants should win on Monday, setting up next week’s game against the Eagles!  Coming back to the Cards/Skins game, this will be a real test for the Redskins as a lot of people are starting to jump on their bandwagon.   Maybe it was the 4th mimosa last Sunday, but I saw something in Washington that I haven't seen in years.  Hell, they seem to be the antithesis of the Chiefs!  Arizona will put up a fight but Washington is a City of Hope now.  TSS PICKS: WASHINGTON

CLEVELAND (-1.5) AT INDIANAPOLIS - I never thought I'd say this but the Colts have a realistic shot at winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  They looked more like the pre-Manning Colts last week.  D-Rod and Shaun hadn’t made breakfast and I hadn’t had my first mimosa yet, when the score was already 17-0 in the first quarter.  They'll probably win 4 games under Kerry Collins and this game is one of them.  Having been embarrassed from the get-go at Houston, a little home cooking is what this team will need to get the win.  Looking at the schedule, their next 4 games are against Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, KC and Cincinnati.  If they win against Cleveland and beat KC and Cincy, they have the Almighty Hope to hang around for the season.  It starts with the first W, and that W is against the Browns.  TSS PICKS: INDIANAPOLIS

In closing, I'm fairly certain that my picks will help you win some cash to pay the bills or fund a trip to our nation's capital.  If my picks do not pan out, please read next week's blog, "Hope can be a fickle thing".

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